Selling Your House During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are living in crazy times.  Who could have predicted that within a few weeks a new novel coronavirus and it’s corresponding disease COVID-19 would suspend a huge part of the global economic activity and find us trying to shelter in our homes from this unseen enemy?  

For some people this has created a minor inconvenience as they now have to work from home and conduct meetings online over the internet instead of in person.  But for others who are not able to perform their work from home this has been devastating. 

On top of all that, families with young children are suddenly finding themselves trying to home school their kids and find out ways to juggle taking care of their kids and still working during the day if possible.

The real estate business has been upended in this environment along with many other industries.  Agents are not allowed to conduct open houses and showing homes can be extremely difficult or just not possible in many situations.  Trying to list your house and sell it in a traditional way is a very challenging prospect right now.

On top of that, many large companies, so called “iBuyers” such as Zillow, Open Door and Redfin that had gotten into the business of purchasing homes in an attempt to simplify the sales process for sellers suddenly all shut down and stopped buying houses, in many cases even cancelling escrows that were already in process.

Unfortunately, there are many people that still need to sell their homes now, and cannot wait months for things to start to return to normal.  What is a seller to do?

Fortunately there are still local home buyers that are providing a solution for sellers in need.  We at Bright Idea House Buyers are one of those companies.  If you need to sell your house fast in Los Angeles or throughout the southern California area, including Orange County and the Inland Empire, we can help.  

We just closed on the purchase of a home where the sellers had been in escrow with Zillow and Zillow canceled the escrow on them.  These particular sellers were in the process of trying to move out of state and were in escrow on the purchase of a new home in their new state.  

We were able to purchase their Los Angeles house so they could continue with their plans to move and not lose out on their new house.  We are a local family owned company and we are continuing to purchase homes throughout this pandemic crisis.  Unlike the large corporate players, we look at every situation individually and work to find the best solution possible for the sellers.

While we can’t purchase every house we look at, if our solution is not a great fit we will always offer suggestions to the sellers of other options that may work better.  
If you need to sell your house fast, give us a call at 424-625-7026 or fill out our form today, and let us show you how selling your house to us can be a Bright Idea!

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